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Ms. Ricci is a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach practicing in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Lia is a graduate of the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health where she studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Herbalism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Reflexology & Touch for Health Kinesiology.  Ms. Ricci is a Reiki Master and graduate of New York City's Lincoln Recovery Center's Acu Detox Specialist certification program.  Lia also holds two degrees in psychology and human development from Bowling Green State University.  Ms. Ricci has been practicing for over 10 years.


Asherah's Garden, ltd. 

Full Service Holistic Boutique - Services, Products & Gifts for a Natural & Balanced Lifstyle


Asherah’s Garden, established in 2009, is a full service holistic boutique within Bowling Green designed to provide the community with holistic health and educational services.  We provide the tools, skills and support you want to increase your overall health through improved balance and relaxation.


Customers are invited to stop by our storefront boutique, located at 315 N. Grove St., to browse our many holistic & naturally beneficial products and gift ideas.  Someone is always available to answer questions and assist you in choosing the perfect products to meet your individual health & wellness needs.


Holistic healing & life coaching services are offered by appointment in the evenings throughout the week.  You may wish to visit our services page for a listing of all services offered by Asherah's Garden


Our Mission

Asherah’s Garden is a full service holistic boutique that supports one in rejuvenating, balancing and healing their whole self by fostering the idea that we are our own greatest gift and acting to provide the opportunity and tools to reconnect with all that is beautiful within one’s self.


Our Philosophy

A person is the sum of many parts, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual/energetic aspects of themselves.  We are most healthy when each part of ourselves is in balance.  As stated by the World Health Organization, health is defined as follows:

“Health is more than simply the absence of illness.  It is the active state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being.”

As a full service holistic boutique, Asherah’s Garden holds a deep respect for an individual’s inherent capacity for self-healing.  We create an active partnership with each client in the healing process.


Asherah's Garden

A place to grow.  A place to heal.

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