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Acu detox isn't painful--and it's like...awesome. Everything is more colorful, shiny, and happy today. Both in emotional ways and sensory ways.   - Heather, Bowling Green, Ohio

Asherah's Garden is the best for holistic therapies! Lia's Reiki treatment is totally amazing, it relaxes you physically, balances you emotionally and energizes your spirit! I have had her treatments in acu detox, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, guided imagery and energy balancers..they are all wonderfully therapeutic and rejuvinating! Lia is a great educator, as well as clinician. She is extremely educated in every area of practice. You will find many fine products at Asherah's Garden. I especially like the Exotic Perfume, body lotions, teas and candles! You owe it to yourself to browse the shop and experience Lia's wonderful treatments! It's wonderful energy!  - Peg, Tiffin, Ohio

Thanks Lia from Asherah's Garden for the much needed Reiki today! xoxo - Kasey, Perrysburg, Ohio

Thank you.  The aromatherapy & rescue remedy helped my niece's asthma.  She finally could fall asleep and slept all night long in the same place.  She didn't wake up once and no upper back spasms.  - Jackie, Kenton, Ohio

I would like to thank Lia Ricci, owner of Asherah's Garden for being such a wonderful caring person.  She has so much knowledge and is so giving of wonderful information that she has learned over several years of hard work and education.  I have attended many of Lia's wonderful workshops and have learned so much from them to use in my everyday life.  I have used several of her homemade products and have loved all of them.  I was told I had gum disease and this could lead to heart problems.  I did not want to use the fluoride that they suggested so I called Lia for advice.  She made up a wonderful paste for me to use.  At my next visit to the Dentist they were amazed at how much better by gums were.  They no longer bled with each brushing and the gums had tightened around my teeth.  AMAZING!!!   With daily stress I have called Lia several times to help me and she will do her amazing reiki and crystals that are full of loving energy.  I feel like the load of the world has been lifted from me.  I have also enjoyed her great reflexology sessions.  Asherah's Garden is where I turn anytime I need health advice or have questions.  I am very fortunate to have found Lia and Asherah's Garden.  - Becky, Bowling Green, Ohio

I know Lia Ricci on a number of levels, fellow Reiki practitioner, my teacher, and dear friend. Having done Reiki work together on a client I felt she had a great ethic, her primary concern was always her client and she actively kept them in a dialogue about how to best go about getting the results they were looking for. Her knowledge in a broad range of healing modalities is not only impressive, but allows her to tailor how she works with those she serves and gives both her and her clients a number of options in treatments. Her "bed-side manner" was also heartening, to see that she could not only be greatly supportive, but also very clear in helping people understand what she is doing and how to best maintain the results after the treatments.


On a more personal level I can also say that Asherah's Garden has a radiant ambiance. You can come enjoy a cup of tea and refresh yourself with the presence of someone who dedicates their life to benefitting and helping people maintain healthy, vibrant lives. So even if you can't afford a treatment, come in to the garden just to soak in the soothing presence of someone who cares deeply.  - Kyle, Sidney Center, New York

I love, LOVE the energy of this space! Excellent stone selection to peruse... Very happy stones I must add. I'm so grateful to have a place like this nearby!  - Tracy, Walbridge, Ohio

Such a lovely shop. Wonderful energy from the second you walk in til the second you leave. A safe haven in this world! Like a breath of relief. And that's exactly what this shop & the owner reminded me to do: take a deep breath! A true hidden gem in bg. With some beautiful gems!!! Thank you for your kindness and words of wisdom. Will be back very soon. - Kirsten, Facebook

Wonderful experience! The acu detox was amazing! - Nicole, Perrysburg, Ohio

This place is incredible!! You can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk through the door. It's always so rewarding and refreshing just to go inside and to be surrounded by so many amazing crystals and stones, and Lia is fantastically knowledgeable about all of them. This is a place of wonder. - Matt, Toledo, Ohio

Love this place!! I drive all the way from Detroit to come to this lovely place. It is growing and growing every year. Very clean, very knowledgeable and professional. Fabulous place to relax and enjoy the stones and calming features this place provides. 5 stars!! - Kris, Berkley, MI

Asheras garden is  holistic heath store that sells all sorts of stuff. They have a huge collection of crystals/stones, teas, herbs, oils. All organic. They have items for baby and also carry jewlery and other gifts. Fairy doors etc. They offer acupressure detox, reflexology and other stuffs. It's worth a stop in to look around. - Cara, Toldeo, Ohio

Great selection and a very helpful and personable owner. She is there whenever it is open and is willing to share any and all of her knowledge with anyone who comes in. - Alex, Google

Interesting and eclectic store with different kinds of natural remedies and products. The store feels calm and peaceful and there are classes and services offered here that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Services include readings and aromatherapy sessions and classes to teach you tarot and other holistic practices. Definitely worth stopping in.

- Liz, Google Guide

Such a wonderful store!  An amazing selection of stones and crystals! - Jessica, Hamler, Ohio

A woman owned businesses (and her little dog)  Natural and organic products,  essential oils,  Stones,  Reiki,  Accudetox,  gifts and so much more. - Jill, Bowling Green, Ohio

A beautiful peaceful New age, holistic, Metaphysical store.  I loved the crystals, oils, and earth friendly selection. - Jeff, Google

Such a lovely store. Great selection and a very knowledgeable owner. - Jess