Breathe Deep

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Let's take a deep breath together.




Rinse and repeat until you calm the fu*k down or fall asleep.

Life is a tricky bitch.  It's why we like her.  She can be exciting and fun!  Yay!!

She can also be unpredictable and ruthless.  Boo.

As long as you are breathing, you are making your way through what ever life is tossing your way and, ultimately, you are doing great.

Sure, you can pick this apart and say it's an oversimplification (Of course it is.  Duh.), but you would be missing the point.  The point is, BREATHE!  Just shut up and breathe.  Stop and breathe.

Doesn't that feel better?

When I remember to take a few moments to breathe with intention, some cool things happen.  And, they happen quickly so that's nice.

  • My mind gets drawn back to my body.  I don't know about you, but my mind wanders off A LOT.  It's like a poorly trained puppy.  It's trying to be cute, but it's definitely going to find trouble.
  • My body relaxes.  My shoulders drop, my jaw releases, my pulse slows.  Basically my nervous system goes from DEFCON 2 to DEFCON 5.
  • My senses become heightened.  Light is brighter, color is more vibrant, sound is more distinct.  The fog of over stimulation is lifted, if only for a while.

I have done something positive for me.  Something to gentle my response to  "stuff" outside myself.  Something to dampen the influence of life's shit show.

Because life is a tricky bitch.

Many of the moving parts around us are not in our control.  We have to learn to dance and dip around the BS.  So breathe.

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