Ginger - A warm & spicy friend to tummies everywhere

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Ginger is so fancy!  We can use her root in so many ways to make our food more delicious and our bodies more healthy.

Fresh, dried, powdered, or candied, ginger is a perfect addition to spa water, tea, salad dressing, stir fry, and even chocolate.

Did you know ginger is a key ingredient in pumpkin spice?  That's right!  Whether you love it in pie or your afternoon latte, ginger is EVERYWHERE this Fall.

I wasn't always ginger's biggest fangirl.  I used to despise the flavor of ginger.  It tasted like liquid hand soap. (You didn't need a viral tiktok to taste soap in my parents' house.  IYKYK.)  I could taste even the slightest bit in any dish.  It was a sad time for me and Thai food.

However, as I began taking classes in medical herbalism and holistic nutrition I realized I needed to make friends with ginger.  I began eating a piece of candied ginger everyday and adding small amounts to sauces and marinades.  Now, I love its spicy flavor and enjoy the benefits ginger brings to my body.

One of the most common uses for ginger is soothing upset tummies.  Ginger has strong anti-emetic (anti-nausea/vomiting) properties that help tame everything from motion sickness to morning sickness.  It also helps digestion, lessening bloating and intestinal gas.

One of the more underutilized benefits of ginger is its diaphoretic (causes perspiration) properties which make it extremely helpful at breaking fevers.

At the shop, Asherah's Garden offers ginger in many forms.  You can find candied ginger, powdered ginger, cut and sifted ginger and ginger loose leaf teas in our natural apothecary section.  Instant tea and several flavors of ginger chews are also ready to enjoy right away.

Online, you can find cut and sifted ginger and sign up for our upcoming Spiced Coffee & Ginger Cookies class by clicking and following the highlighted links.

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