Charcoal - Bad idea for spooky season

Posted by Lia Ricci on

Activated charcoal makes everything mundane into something spooktacular!  It's fun!  It's safe to consume.  They sell it at the pharmacy.  What can go wrong?

A lot can go wrong, actually.  Especially for our friends with a functioning uterus.  Extra especially for those friends that depend upon oral birth control to keep that uterus vacant.

You see activated charcoal acts as a filter, binding to foreign substances in the gut and preventing absorption by the body.  Even foreign substances we want, like birth control.

And that's not all!  Activated charcoal can prevent the absorption of other medications you depend upon, like antidepressants, hormone therapy, and blood pressure medication.

So, this spooky season, please think twice before serving or consuming treats with activated charcoal.  The trick may be on you!

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