Who are the Barbies in your life?

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Who are the Barbies in your life?

Like every Gen X woman of substance who enjoys raging against the patriarchy, I recently watched the new Barbie movie.  It was a perfect blend of childhood nostalgia, middle age angst, and girl code lady magic.  I loved it!

Freshly infused with an epic dose of woman power, I got to thinking "Who is Barbie?".

Traditionally, we have been taught to have a real love-hate relationship with Barbie.  Mostly, we love to hate her.  If we focus on her perfect smile, fabulous hair, stunning figure, not to mention her super cool house and car it's not too hard to let envy grow into something a bit toxic and petty.

Merriam Webster defines Barbie as "a conventionally attractive young woman typically perceived as lacking substance, character, or intelligence".  If that's not a line straight out of the How To Teach Women To Hate Other Women handbook, I don't know what it is.

If I take a closer look at Barbie, what do I see?  Yes, I see a beautiful woman with a killer wardrobe and a death grip on anything pink. But...

I also see a bright, intelligent woman who has gone to school and tried several different professions.  I see a woman who likes her freedom and has maintained her identity regardless of relationship status.  I see a woman without children who is engaged with the world.  I see a woman with lots of successful girlfriends who have fun together and cheer each other on.

I know this Barbie!  I AM this Barbie!  I have Barbies all around me!

PhD Barbie is a badass data cruncher who loves trivia and dances with jazz hands.

Free Range Barbie is a retired attorney, master gardener and political activist who won't cook and has the best laugh ever.

Halcyon Barbie tried every major and every job before landing on library science, is an award-winning shopper, and ultimate foodie who can manifest anything.

Artist Barbie makes everything beautiful, gives the best hugs, is a marketing genius, and jam-making goddess.

O.W.E. Barbie can't be bothered by drama, always has a gummy to share, makes a mean meatball, and will kick your ass at Never Have I Ever.

WooWoo Barbie is a tired social justice warrior, crystal toting tree hugger, and an over-protective dog mom that makes a really good cocktail.

I could go on and on and on.

I feel it is time to reclaim Barbie for who she really is - our mentor, our ride or die, our cheerleader, our work wife, our business partner, and (hopefully) ourselves.

Who are the Barbies in your life?  Share in the comments.  Let's raise the volume on woman power!



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