A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Resins on charcoals and incense on holders
Bright fluorite clusters and big jasper boulders
Colorful necklaces, pendants and rings
These are a few of my favorite things

If you didn't sing that in your best Julie Andrews voice, I think you should go back and try again.

Guests often ask me, "What is your shop?".  Over the years I have had many answers. Asherah's Garden is a holistic boutique, education center, wellness & healing studio, natural apothecary, and metaphysical wonderland.  All of these things are true.

At this point I say, "The shop is a collection of all my favorite things.".  I think this is the very best way to explain the heart of Asherah's Garden.

To know the shop is to know me. 

  • I love quality over quantity. I work hard to bring you the best of everything.  The most ethical stones, highest quality incense, most powerful herbs, and purest essential oils all line the shelves and display cases.
  • I love glass and have a terrible relationship with plastic.  From display containers to DIY supplies to reusable water bottles - I choose sustainable multi functional glass over plastic whenever possible.
  • I love cooking, eating, and exploring the flavors and traditions of other cultures.  The bulk section is filled with superior quality herbs, spices, & seasonings from all over the world.  Yellow curry, Aleppo pepper, and berbere seasoning are among my favorites.
  • I am a drink snob.  I love fancy water, tea, coffee & cocktails!  With so many organic herbs and teas, I can always find a way to make everyday hydration a super fun and fabulous affair.  Adding cinnamon, green cardamon, and vanilla to my coffee grounds is super dreamy.
  • I love light and anything that sparkles.  You have seen the stone and jewelry displays, right?  Did you know I have ethical raw diamonds too?!?
  • I am a fool for good textures.  From silky soaps to soft pouches to smooth stones to crunchy chocolate bars - I've got the texture you are looking for.
  • I like to play.  Playtime = creative time.  I stock everything your DIY spirit needs to make your own crystal grid, aromatherapy spray, oracle deck and more.
  • I am passionate about learning and sharing knowledge.  I love talking with guests about which items are best for their lifestyle.  Facilitating classes and workshops is the BEST time!
  • I'm a little weird.  Just like the shop, I'm a little hard to describe in one breath.  That's okay.  It's good to keep things interesting.

I love sharing everything Asherah's Garden is with my community in a welcoming and supportive space.  I hope you enjoy Asherah's Garden as much as I do. 

What's your favorite thing at Asherah's Garden?  Share a comment and let me know.


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