Simple is Far From Easy

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Hand written note that says, "Simple is far from Easy" taped to a background of palaps along a beach fo the Caribbean Sea

"Simple Is Far From Easy"

Written by my hand on a scrap of paper and taped above the counter at Asherah's Garden is a message I gave to myself during the most difficult time of my life.

I stare at it often and, although it's meaning is never exactly the same, it continues to be true.

Today, it's a reminder that living in the moment is not the walk in the park I think it should be.

I have a hard time letting go.  Of people, of things, of expectations...of feelings, especially the sticky ones like guilt, grief, and abandonment.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of personal work focused upon letting go of ick ick that has already happened with the goal of not dragging any steaming piles of poo into my present.

The ability to live in the moment doesn't happen all at once.  It is a series of deliberate choices you make over and over again until - Poof!  Your hard work has turned into a lifestyle.

I'm still in the pre-poof! stage, but I'm making progress every day.

Here are a few of the things I'm doing to stay grounded in the moment that you may also want to try.

  • I start each day with the best examples of in the moment living I have ever met - Asher and Sammy.  I pull two dogs into my bed and spend 30 minutes in pure doggie cuddle play time bliss.
  • I practice various breathing techniques several times a day
  • I practice yoga/stretching/meditation at least once a day
  • I cook.  I love this time of year!  Harvesting, cooking, and preserving so many fruits and veggies helps connect me to our planet and her seasonal cycles.
  • I journal, blog, & have conversations with myself to process and release any stuck or lingering thoughts and feelings.
  • I schedule and meet with professional helpers such as a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and counselor on a regular basis.
  • I create.  New recipes, a piece of jewelry, business plans, a container garden - something I can channel my creative energies into manifesting in the here and now.
If you are also working on personal goals and could use some support, please head over to my Services Page and schedule a session.  I would love to assist you as you create and maintain the life you love!

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