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I thought I would take a few moments and introduce (maybe reintroduce) myself.  I'm Lia, founder and managing director of Asherah's Garden, LTD.

Highlight reel / nutshell introduction (don't feel bad if this is all you read): 

I’m passionate!  About everything I do.  What I do best is PLAY in the METAPHYSICAL world.  Crystals, plant medicine, angels, oracle readings, manifestation… Earth is a wondrous playground!
I have spent the last 20 years creating a variety of holistic empowerment experiences through an alchemy of academic knowledge and divine inspiration.

Want more?  Okay, here you go:

I consider myself an empathic intuitive, social justice warrior, and righteous harm reductionist who is passionate about everything I do.

Having always felt a bit of an outsider (HUGE INFP for those that might understand), I chose to dedicate myself to serving disenfranchised populations through social justice and non profit work.  It was while interning at a NYC syringe exchange and harm reduction center that I was first introduced to holistic healthcare - including reiki, acupuncture, drum circles, and food as medicine.  In true Lia fashion, I dove head first down the rabbit hole, learned, and earned multiple degrees, certifications, & credentials.

After leaving a directorship in the non profit sector to follow my passion for integrated holistic wellness, I opened Asherah’s Garden - Full Service Holistic Boutique in 2009.  Featuring a crystal gallery, herbal apothecary, and super good vibes, Asherah's Garden continues to serve the community as a premier holistic and metaphysical wonderland.

…. Now, with the relaunch of my website, I am sharing it with the world.


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