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Hi, friends!

We are right at the very end of Spring.  This year, I have been feeling this transitional period HARD.  I haven't shaken off the slow trudging dullness of Winter.  I haven't soaked in enough sunshine to embrace the coming reality of Summer.  I'm just kinda...blah.

Speaking with my therapist recently, I realized I have gotten out of nearly every self care routine.  What?!?  How did this even happen?

This week, I am intent on getting back into the self love club!

Here's my plan:

1 - I'm digging into my plants:  I'm spending time with my little herb babies in the container garden at the shop.  AND, I'm eating lots of spring greens - dandelion, green onion, asparagus, & lettuces.  It's all about harnessing that fresh new energy!

2 - I'm grounding:  It's hard to move with the seasonal changes if you aren't firmly connected to the Earth and her energy.  I'm tossing the shoes aside and getting my toes in that grass.  It feels so good!  If I'm feeling sassy, I might just go out back and pet my Blue Spruce. (Have you ever petted a tree?  They love it!  Go give it a try.)

3 - I'm meditating:  My brain is too busy!  It's also full of garbage.  I need to take some time (just 5-10 minutes a day) to be mindful of the moment.  Give my mind, body, & energy a chance to reconnect.  Be friendly with each other.

What are you doing to show yourself some love?  Do you have a great self love routine?  Are you looking for ideas to freshen up your self love practice?  Please share in the comments!

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