Un-Funk Your Energy

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Hi, friends!  Good morning! (afternoon, evening...whatever)

You ever wake up and feel stuck?  Weighted down, lack luster, and just generally not your usual self?  You know, all funked up with the negative yuck?

Me too.

I'm not a huge fan, so let's fix it!

I can just see you- on the edge of your sofa cushion, ready for me to tell you my un-funk secrets.  (Quiet time.  Just let me dream.)

Here we go!

I made these amazing Good Energy Bundles (Click to get your own).  Perfect for a quick and easy energy clean up.

  • Mini white sage stick (from the USA)
  • Palo Santo stick (from Peru)
  • 6 inch raw selenite stick (from Morocco)
  • All tied together by a suede necklace with a pewter charm

They are so freaking cute! 

  • Burn the sage and Palo Santo together or separately to clear any negative energy.
  • Next, set the selenite at your desk or next to your bed (somewhere you spend a lot of time). It keeps the energy clear and amplifies positive energy.
  • Finally, wear your necklace and be amazing!

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